June is National Homeownership Month | benefits of homeownership by Raleigh mortgage lender Kevin Martini

June is National Homeownership Month | benefits of homeownership by Raleigh mortgage lender Kevin Martini with the Martini Mortgage Group at Benchmark Mortgage.

The entire Martini Mortgage Group at Benchmark Mortgage love what we do, who we do it for and we are very proud to be part of the process that makes homeownership possible.  June is National Homeownership month, incase you could not tell by the title of this article.  One could say that owning a home is a symbol of prosperity or maybe one could say it provides security – there is no question there are many benefits to owning a home…some are financial and some are social however here are just 8 homeownership benefits that Kevin Martini thinks are important to highlight during National Homeownership Month:


‘My home is my private sanctuary and one day my mortgage will be paid off for my home in Raleigh and my castle will truly be all mine.  Now I get it…if you are renting you can have privacy too however when you rent will not solely be your, at the end of the day, it is your landlords.’




‘My family is the most important thing in my life and owning a home puts the needs of my immediate family & children first today and even in the future. There are 5 financial reasons to own a home…on my podcast [Martini Mortgage Podcast] I recently recorded an episode that went over them…check it out, if you have an iPhone Siri can help, just ask: ‘Hey Siri, play podcast Martini Mortgage Podcast’



‘When you own a home it is my opinion you have control of your future direction and security too!  In addition you have the ability to ‘lock-in’ your housing costs with an epic 30-year fixed rate mortgage.  Yes, Raleigh home loan rates have increased in 2018 but they still remain in historic territory!  I believe that owning real estate creates wealth & wealth creates stability.’

Financial Investment

‘There is no question, owning a home requires a financial investment.  But this investment provides a roof over your head that you own, buying a stock or a bond does not do that!  Real Estate is an asset with an opportunity to grow and create wealth.’


‘This is my space I get to make my space the way that I want my space to be…I get to paint the walls…I can have a puppy & I am so bold to have two poodles…if I wanted I could even have a cat and all I would have to do is ask my wife!  My own space that I make my own is my comfort.’


‘Family and Friends are very important to me…I love the fact that I can share time and make memories with friends and family in my home. There is no question that I would be a happy person if I had to rent…renting is right for some people however it is sad that many people rent in Raleigh because they believe they cannot afford a home of their very own.  Some feel there credit score is not high enough…some feel they have not saved enough down payment & these feeling create myths.  There is a great article I wrote about myths in my Summer Edition of ‘Things to Consider when Buying a Home’ on page 12…the article is titled: ‘2 Myths That May Be Holding You Back From Buying’— check this article and all of the 16 others by visiting www.MartiniBuyerGuide.com


‘Yes, there are financial reason to own a home and some may say there are intangible benefits however I think there is nothing intangible about homeownership.  I get to paint the walls like I want to…I can even tear out a wall in HGTV style. In my home I have the ability to share my personality & I do not have to ask anyone to do it!  Well, I have to ask my wife.’


‘To me, Kevin Martini, it does not matter how big the house is, it matters how happy the home is!  When I think of homeownership the word accomplishment comes to mind because when you own a home it is a reflection of your efforts & success.  Buying real estate in Raleigh is an accomplishment & I believe that real estate is the path to wealth.  Everyday I am blessed that I get to help people secure and then manage their mortgage for them.  It is truly a privilege to serve and it gives me pride to help people reach their accomplishment of homeownership. 


Yes, officially June is National Homeownership month however it really does not matter what month or day it is since it is always a great time to celebrate owning a home. If you are currently in a starter or trade-up house that no longer fits your needs and you are looking to step into a luxury home, now is the time to list your house for sale and make your dreams come true.

If the right thing for you and your family is to purchase a home this year, buying sooner rather than later could lead to substantial savings.  Call the Martini Mortgage Group at Benchmark Mortgage so we can get together to evaluate your opportunities.

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