Credit Freeze prevents Identity Theft by Kevin Martini

A credit freeze cannot prevent identity theft…really nothing can prevent havoc that this crime puts on a family since there is not one thing that a family can really do to stop a criminal from accessing your personal information and committing fraud with it.  A credit freeze is one of the many proactive steps that one should take to protect themselves from identity theft. 

Check out episode 013 of the Martini Mortgage Podcast below or iTunes, it is all about the credit freeze and what you need to know about a credit freeze. 

According to Javelin Strategy & Research…in 2017, 16.7 million individuals were identify theft victims and and 16.8 billion was the amount of money stolen.  Sadly, it appears this crime is becoming relatively common.  With all these data breaches that are hitting the headlines I do not think ID theft will get any better anytime soon.

I know what you are thinking: ‘this could never happen to me’ but the sad reality is it could and it it does the aftermath could cost you a ton of money and time to resolve. 

Many feels that the only protection is credit monitoring.  However there is more that you can do, in my opinion.  Credit monitoring alerts you after something has happened.  In other words, it tells you the milk has spilled and when the milk spills there is going to be clean up.  Now I want to know when the milk is spilled however I also want to take steps from having the milk spilled.  I truly believe the best way to protect your information on your credit report is by a credit freeze. 

Here is the Kevin Martini breakdown:

Credit monitoring alerts you when there has been unauthorized access where a credit freeze prevents unauthorized access. 

What is a Credit Freeze:

A tool a where a consumer can restrict access to their credit file.  Simply put, a credit freeze (a.k.a. security freeze) allows you to lock your credit report. 

Check out episode 013 of the #MartiniFactor below or go to to see this and other episodes.  Specifically in this video, Kevin Martini will  reveal the exact steps you need to follow to freeze your credit. 

One can be reactive or one can be proactive.  I believe that a credit freeze is a proactive way to protect your identity and for North Carolina residents it is FREE. 

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